Tuesday, August 19, 2008

home sweet...home?

well i have made my biannual migration, this time migrating north as the winter winds threaten the mountains with snow. ok well thats a few months off still but oh well. point is, im back in utah. why you ask? i am graduated and my family lives in california, so WHY the crap am i back in utah?! simple. a boy made me do it. ok he didnt make me, but as good as it is to be "home," it doesnt feel like home so much now that im planning on spending the rest of my life with this guy. so...i did it-i returned to utah of my own free will. gag.

oh and my family is moving. to utah. there is just something about the place...my family doesnt seem to get enough (not). but my dad just got a job in slc and so my parental units are house huntin as i speak...er...type. which will be kinda nice to have mommy close to help me plan this wedding shindig. my little brother is a little upset but i dont blame him...ive had to pick up and move several times and its exciting but not in a fun way. im stoked though cuz i get to teach him how to snowboard...free ride time for me!!

and oh that illusive beast, law school. i still dont know what is going on and tomorrow is the first day of first year orientation. i just might be out of luck...in the mean time, i have to find a job or i soon will be out of a place to live, as well as out of food. (actually that cant happen yet, i still havent bought any...) either way...i guess ill be updating this again soon as a way of coping with the stress and emotion, which ever way this ordeal turns out...