Monday, April 21, 2008

to gossip girl, or not....wait, that was a question...?

ok. im gonna premise this by saying that during the four years that ive been at byu, this is the first semester ive felt like ive clicked with all of my roommates. ok former roomies, dont flip, cuz those of you who read this are not the ones i didnt get along with, so rest assured im not talking about you. i love all my roommates right now, and we all get along great. that being said......

my roommates are ultra girlie. i dont mean that meanly, its just an observation. two do hair and one aspires to, two are also pretty trendy indie and all three are way stylish. they also are addicted to things like One Tree Hill, the Hills (which i kinda like), americas next top model, and gossip girl. i dont know if this is just me being un-girlie or what, but i have no interest in these things. i dont scream when geckos dance in a commercial and i dont get super stoked to watch some girls battle it out snatch style on some reality show. it seems the longer i live with them the ungirlie i am. which is weird to me, even though ive never thought of myself as girlie.

is this something about girls i never knew having grown up with brothers or is this some isolated phenomenon? cuz suddenly all the girls i know are obsessed with these shows and i have absolutely no enthusiasm for them, sorry roommates. i try my best but sometimes i just cant do rather go play catch...

i went to post this them realized i wasnt done. so here are the rest of my thoughts:

i dont mind being ungirlie, if i am, and i dont mind them being ultra girlie. what i dont like is feeling like i cant be there for them in their happinesses. i know they are just shows or trends but i feel like sometimes i cant relate just because of that, and it bothers me. i want to be friends with my roommates, not just the girl in the next bedroom. and i guess more than anything im scared that my inability to get excited about these things will separate me from them, which i dont want. i hoep that doesnt happen. i try to take interest but all the drama that results just turns me off. hopefully i can deal...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

graduation? whats that?

finals are here. well, they are here next week. i only have two more days of class left to endure and i will do so faithfully, even with the temptation of snowboarding dangling in front of me (when i say dangling i meant it-its been snowing here all week). but with finals comes ::dundundun:: graduation.

no way.

weird. i remember the day my family dropped me off at byu, after my brothers had helped me lug all my stuff up to my room on the 7th floor of DT. i was so nervous and disoriented and i felt like a little kid in a big kids world. 4 years later, 4 years of hating the god-forsaken campus and all the self-righteous conformity that goes with it, im leaving. well ok, technically im just walking but ill be leaving in june. i cant believe its been this long already. i remember stressing about college applications and then finally sweating it out for 3 hours in the hot summer sun as i finally got my diploma. how different this experience has been, and yet so much the same. i stressed over law school applications, and ive already gotten into two. i will get to walk in the coolness of the marriott center, but with 1000 other people. but. im still done.

i dont think its sunk in yet. senioritis took hold the second week of the semester but i still dont believe it. i guess i will in three weeks when i have the cap and gown on huh?

Friday, April 4, 2008

ode to goggle tan

yesterday was my last day of work up at park city. ::sigh:: sad day. well it was a sad day until i wanted to murder the people in my very last lesson of the whole season but at least i got a tip out of it. not gonna lie, im kinda glad its over. as much as i love it, sometimes it is so frustrating. i hate driving the hour up a canyon that my car can barely clear 45mph through, just to suit up and get backlined for the rest of the day while not getting paid. sometimes my groups are horrible-like yesterday when a woman tried to decapitate two children with her board-and it takes an emotional toll as well. i invest patience and hope in each client and when they dont care to learn, or they stop trying, i cant help but feel like they are wasting my time. but then again there are great lessons too-the lessons where they pick it up so quickly and you are as excited as you were when YOU learned to ride. its such a roller coaster of emotion that its definitely draining. i dont know how people do it full time. three times a week was enough for me.

now that the season is almost over (im done working but the resort is still open) im really excited. some people think im crazy cuz they just want to ride all year round and i can understand that. but there are other passions that i have that include the the beach. thats a hobby of mine. and you sure cant do that with the snow. some people are incredulous that i could be happy for the summer when i just ended my last season as an instructor at Park City. but hey, i got to live my dream for two years, i got better, and now its time for me to move on and just have fun with my hobbies rather than making them my career.

somethings im excited for now that that i have a life again:
not having to fill up my gas every 3 days
sleeping in
watching law and order marathons
conquering free boarding
evening out the tan line on my face
having dance parties with my roommates
going to seattle (maybe?) and nj over the summer
chaining myself to the mailbox (see post below)
being a bumsnowboarda as an identity not as a job title
going back to the gym on a regular basis and not wasting my money on a membership i havent been using...

ok thats a good list, ill think of more im sure...