Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When you cannot make up your mind which of two evenly balanced courses of action you should take - choose the bolder.- William Joseph Slim

so most of you who read this prolly already know but i heard back from one law school already. i have officially been accepted to Rutgers. yay! for those of you who dont know where rutgers is, it is in New Jersey, and according to Princeton Review its like ranked 34th of law schools in the nation. i think that is pretty good considering i have a 2.7 gpa (oops!). apparently my parents did a fabulous job of helping me edit and re edit and delete and add to my personal statement, and my dad's off the shoulder style of addendum seems to have endeared me to their hearts. oh and thanks, parentals too for paying to the LSAT prep class i took. obviously, my parents are rad, and not only did they help me do all of that, but they also footed the application bill...a fat 650$. you could basically say THEY applied to law school and almost be accurate.

now that i have heard back from one law school, i feel like i can breath. ok i guess i was doin just fine with the senioritis but now i dont feel like my future is hanging in the balance. and i also dont feel like a law student-wannabe when people ask where im goin cuz now i dont have to say i dont know yet. oh dont get in a fuss yet, i havent decided for sure if im goin to rutgers or not, but at least im no longer freaking out. the rest of schools are like tally marks-yes i got in, no i did not. i have an uncontrollable urge to run to the mailbox every day to see if i get any more law school paraphernalia but at least its not a frantic run that could end in a handful of rejection letters. that could still happen, but i will at least be left holding the one acceptance. after all, that is all i need.

after talking to my mom today though i may be in a bit of a seems i may one again be the reason for my family moving. ok, that was kinda a brash statement because nothing is for sure, but my dad had a job interview today that ended with his saying why i wanted to move to virginia to which he replied "my daughter just got into law school in new jersey and if i live in california, how can i possibly see her all that often?" ok that is adorable i know, but not if my parents move i may be more inclined to go to rutgers instead of (hopefully) a california school. to add to that, my best friend (hi lisa) really wants me to move out there and go to gonzaga. besides the fact that i dont know if ill even get in, they dont have the program i want, but i really would love to live near my best friend again. and i cant forget my grandparents who want me to go to rutgers too :) ah decisions decisions! and then there is the peace corps to think about....i have way too much goin on right now!

ok so that is a good thing, so dont get me wrong, im not complaining, but still. it seems like just yesterday that i got to byu, and hated it but ive gotten through it....maybe even enjoyed parts of it? ok i wont go that far but its been alot of fun and its just scary to think im almost done with the guaranteed part of my life...the part that i can plan on, the part that i do every comes real life and im not totally sure im ready for it....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

he finally manned up

last week the day finally came. the day i have been waiting for for the last 3 years. and day my parents have been waiting for for the last year. my brother got his mission call.

ok so maybe that was a weird way to preface his call, but it was totally honest. oh im sure he was ready for it too; after all, he has been in limbo for the last few months while he has had to get his dental sorted out and his papers filled out while just workin away at coca cola. but that day was the day that my parents and i all breathed a sigh of relief.

i wont delve into any details but since my brother came home from BYU a year ago he has been working at getting away from the lifestyle and friends that had dragged him down to a bitter, unhealthy, and dangerous place. and it wasnt just a matter of moving home either. he has worked really hard and at times i have been way too hard on him considering the effort he was makin, but i must admit that i was scared that he wasnt totally committed to changing.

granted, getting a mission call or not doesnt define a person. not at all. i know plenty of great guys that i respect that didnt go on missions. but for my brother, it was a sign that he had committed to the changes in his life. i would love my brother regardless, but i think i would be perpetually afraid that his motives for change were simply superficial with nothing to anchor him when times get tough.

i love my brother. he is my best friend, like looking in a mirror (literally hehe). and im so proud of him. not that he is going on a mission necessarily (though i am proud of that) but im proud that he has something that is so important to him that he can hold on to, something that he is willing to better himself for. and i know that the work he has put into his life in the past year will make the next two years of his life even sweeter.

i love you cheechee.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

last night

last night i got my hair caught on fire. i was laying on the floor of my friend's apt when i heard ::sizzle:: closely followed by ::blow of air::. the smell of burning immediately alerted me. i knew that it was Randall, who had been on the couch behind me and was playing with a lighter. nervous giggling from both him and jordan, who was on the couch next to me, confirmed my suspicions. it turns out that only the ends of a portion of my hair was singed, but that doesnt mean i wasnt totally nervous. when i asked how bad the damage was and all i got was a nervous "well..." from randall and jordan was just laying there with a grimace and his hand clapped over his eyes, i got a little scared and threatened to beat up randall if i needed to. lucky for him i didnt end up with a massive amount of burned hair or else i would have made him shave my head haha. and now i can talk about how my hair is extremely flammable, to randall's surprise.

yay for late night adventures.