Thursday, August 1, 2013

the life cycle of a whale.


im huge.

its a good thing d-day is almost here, cuz ive been getting "you are due any day now, huh?" for the last month.  ive decided that being told im tiny is much preferable to being told i look like a beached whale. 

also, ive been asked multiple times if i can drive. whats up with that?  IM PREGNANT, NOT PARALYZED.  of course i can drive.  just dont ask me to bend over.

im 38 weeks now.  behold, the fatness in all her glory!

who needs a maternity photographer when youve got a phone and a mirror?

the other night, i told brian, in complete terror, "we could have a baby any time now. like, in two weeks, we might already be dealing with a screaming infant.  holy crap." 

he apparently missed the drama of the scenario, because his only reply was a mildy-amused-at-my-crazy-wife, "yep." 

the nursery is almost done (just need the changing table/dresser my dad is making and to hang a few things), the bags are mostly packed, we have clothes and diapers and baby books, i am as prepared as im gonna get for a natural labor.  what else is there?

OH YEAH, THE BABY.  who the hell thought it was a good idea to trust me with one of those??  

with about 2 weeks left, i guess its a little late now...