Monday, February 15, 2010

what a character

i have felt alot of political tension lately. so im not going to post anything political.
instead, here is a comic that i love. and this seems to totally describe the life in law school:

ah yes. character. at this rate, i gonna have too much character. if i dont already, that is

Thursday, February 4, 2010

judys mustard chicken

there is never any cooking like your mother's cooking. or your grandmother's, for that matter. my moms side of the family has a rich history: all my great grandparents were full blooded something...italian, polish, danish, lithuanian. and some rich flavors come out of it. one of my childhood favorites was a recipe from my great simple, and yet so delish!

my immediate family has a difficult time with certain textures,and mustard, one of the key ingredients in this dish, is one of those that my family doesnt really love. but even with our house full of picky eaters, this dish was a hit...but then, my mom didnt disclose the ingredients...

i hope you like it!

Judy's Mustard Chicken

4 pieces of skin-on, bone-in chicken
6 tablespoons dijon mustard-does not taste the same with yellow mustard
2 tsp. basil
2 tbs. tarragon
1 c. white wine or chicken broth

mix the mustard and herbs together. slather chicken pieces in mixture, leaving some for basting. place chicken skin-side down. broil for 15 mins each side, adding the rest of the mustard mixture to the chicken when turned. remove the chicken from the pan and add the white wine to the pan to create a sauce from the drippings. boil for a minute or two. pour sauce over chicken

serving suggestion: serve with egg noodles or rice and pour some of the sauce over it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

stuck in the cream filling

today, i have no thoughts. ok i have one-im tired.

yesterday, i had some thoughts. i was in church, sitting between two families with 3 small children each. and i couldnt help but think that we don’t exactly fit. not that the people at church shun us, but we are kinda in the middle. we arent working stiffs, we don’t have children, but we are married. we arent under 18 years of age but we are still in school. sometimes i think i relate better to the 16 year olds than the 30 year olds. its a strange place to be, being in an adult situation but having teen id rather snowboard and go to a [punk] concert than anything else. sure, being a teen was fun and i was sad to turn 20. and im sure that having a family will be great. but right now seems to be the best of both worlds…married to my best friend and fulfilling my dream but still having time to have tons of fun.

so being in the middle could be a good thing. kinda like being the oreo filling between two chocolate cookies. and who doesn’t love that?