Wednesday, August 31, 2011

homeless adventure part hamsa: good thing we brought our camping gear

sorry this has been so long coming; the [lack of] internet that we had (via brians phone acting as a hotspot) made it virtually impossible for me to upload pictures so i waited until we got back to utah.  we have been here for almost 3 weeks now, and we still have no real internet.  and no pictures.

but i sally forth.  the last weeks of being in california were a little crazy.  there was so much that we wanted to do but just didnt have a chance to get to.  but we managed to see some friends who had moved out there (permanently, sooo jealous), brian got to ride his freeboard through the city (with a bunch of dudes who were high), we went to an A's game with our ward (i wanted to wear my giants shirt but opted to stay alive instead), we went on a double date (with my fabulous new friend Jac who i left in sf and miss!), got invited to dinner by a cool younger couple in our ward (make that TWO friends i made in the bay!), and even managed to go to a wedding the day before we left (one of brians childhood friends).  there probably is alot more, but law school has already scrambled my brains.

as we were packing, we were faced with the dilemma of how we were going to get everything home again.  you see, we had accumulated a few things [ahem, brian bought 4 rims] and didnt know how it was all going to fit back into our two little cars.  i pointed out that the camping stuff that we had been determined to use hadnt been used at all.   great.  oh, nevermind, we had used the camping grill once before it broke and was now in the dumpster.  ha.  good thing we brought it huh?

the weekend before we were to move back to utah, we decided to justify the camping gear we toted across the barren wasteland that is nevada and was going to be hell to pack back.  so we went to yosemite.  it was only for one night, and we wish we had stayed longer, but it was tons of fun.  we went into the valley, went to the base of one of the falls, and the next morning went on a hike and swam in a mountain lake.  talk about a stellar ending to the summer.  brian just about peed his pants that night, thinking there was a bear near our tent, but i think he loved it too.

he apparently like it so much that he wanted to duplicate the experience on the way out of california.  instead of staying in a hotel (which he swears is a good thing because all the reviews on yelp indicated we were destined to get an STD, bed bugs, and some terminal disease from dirty sheets if we stayed in any hotels between Reno and Elko), we drove 30 miles off the freeway and camped in a remote [but free] campsite outside of battle mountain.  as we drove in at 1 am, i hoped noone was there to be woken up.  when we pulled in and noone was there, i wished there were other people around to make sure we emerged from our tent alive in the morning.

too bad, we were alive in the morning, and we did make it back to utah in one piece. well two pieces, since we were in two cars.  and i can tell you God hears prayers, because besides some minor overheating issues at the beginning of the trip which brian fixed, and some weather stripping that decided it would rather strip than weather the last 30 miles into SLC, we had no car problems during the drive like i asked.  but i tell you, sometimes be less specific, because the next day, both our cars fell apart.

justonemoreyear, justonemoreyear, justonemoreyear.....