Saturday, May 25, 2013

all of de mayo (otherwise known as the may update)

so much for my "im going to post more often" idea.  

my parents moved into town and ive been really busy helping them move in and get settled.  i even rode BART at 730 am to Berkeley one day with my mom just so she could get a feel for it when she took it to an interview. 

i know, im the worlds best daughter. 

in the mean time, im being harassed for baby news. not like there is anything new to tell, besides im getting really fat.  and the baby LOVES to kick.  alot.  i make brian put his hand on my tummy about once a week, and every time he is unimpressed.  he thinks i make him feel it every time she moves.  he doesnt understand-he feels one:1000 kicks i feel.  

one time, i told him to talk to her so she would know his voice.  cuz, you know, he is such a big talker and all.  so he sticks his face close to my belly button and says, in a voice that sounds about in the 30-40 IQ range (and with a facial expression to match) "hellloooooo babyyyyyy.  this is your daddyyyyy speaking."

that was a mistake.

generally, when people ask me how im feeling, i dont have anything to say except "fine."  but today? holy crap.  i ache.  my ribs ache. my back aches. my legs ache.  everything feels uncomfortable and painful.  i feel and look huge. and i still have 3 months left.  i hope this is just the trade off for actually sleeping well last night (which is unusual) and ill go back to feeling fine and sleeping horribly tomorrow.  

i guess im ok with feeling grumpy and sore though because at least i dont have to STUDY FOR THE BAR EVER AGAIN!!  well, at least not in CA.  after 6 months of studying, 6 days of testing, 6 months of waiting, 1 day of self-loathing, and a billion hours of stressing, i passed the CA bar exam.  i get sworn in as an atty in CA on june 4th, and it still feels really surreal.

but oh. so. good.

so if anyone wants to find me a part time job in the bay area, that would be stellar.

and now for some gratuitous tummy pictures, which i refuse to post on facebook, and for which people for some reason keep asking to see (why?!  its a ginormous abdomen, nothing that exciting, i promise):

26 weeks. cobalt likes to photobomb.
laughing at the photobombing dog.  brian likes this one.
28 weeks. distracted by my dog again.  im starting to see a theme here.
the babydog.  just because.  he is cute.

people keep telling me im small.  i keep thinking they are crazy.