Thursday, July 24, 2008

to health and happiness

ok well since ive decided that i cant read Happy Potter and make beanies for the entire summer, i guess ill just have spin out something for you all to read.

first of all, i know you are dying to hear about this engagement bit. heres the short of it: his name is Brian and we started dating in march after meeting on a group date on which both of us were on dates with different people. ive spent almost everyday with him till the end of june when i came back home to say bye to my brother who just left on his mission. brian told me that he had made me something in his lonely boredom and was sending it conveniently with a friend who also happens to live in my area and was coming down for the weekend. i arranged with the mutual friend to get this mystery package and when i went to meet him, i found brian instead. he pulled a box from behind his back, got down on one knee, and i said yes. yay!
he talked to my dad the next day and since he didnt come out bleeding, but rather with a grin, i suppose my dad gave permission. if you dont want to hear the lovely dovey stuff, stop reading here and skip to the next paragraph; if you dont mind, then read on. he is perfect for me in every way. he knows how to talk to me when im upset, treats me like a princess, and can make me laugh at myself. he is kind and smart and tells me he loves me everyday. he is wonderful and is the better of half of me. and he snowboards. basically, he is amazing...

second: as some of you may know, my body hates me. im not kidding. since starting college, ive had mono, been diagnosed with celiac, thought i was lactose intolerant, quit the celiac diet believing the diagnosis was false, thought i had kidney problems, found out it was really ovary problems, and just generally felt uncomfortable during the last 4 years.
so....we are trying to solve it all now. after two weeks, 5 dr. appointments, 8 blood tests, a radioactive sandwich and two ultrasounds, it appears that we are no closer to discovering the cause of my plight. in the next week i have another dr appointment and an endoscopy. if you dont know what that is, its a minor surgery that requires shoving a camera down your throat and through your stomach to your intestines, where they plan on taking a tissue sample.
GREAT. im terrified. utterly and totally terrified. i hate needles, IV's and anything associated with puncturing the skin, especially mine. i walked out of the dr.'s today crying. and to top it all off, i might really be celiac (meaning i cant eat anything with wheat or else it will destroy my intestines). this wouldnt be SO bad if i hadnt already tried to live a celiac lifestyle only to find that i felt no better and it created problems and frustration to me and everyone around me concerning food. i dread it. in the mean time, im just gonna hope the presciption they gave me for slow digestion solves all stomach issues. as far my ultrasounds went, ill found out on tuesday jut how scarred and functional my lady parts are, cuz at this point they are crying mutany.

Monday, July 21, 2008

summer lapse

so...its been a really really long time since i last posted. like almost two months haha. oops! i guess its time for a little update...

since i last posted, brian and i traveled to norcal to visit his old stomping grounds and his best friends who all just got back from el missions. i finished my very last class ever as a byu undergrad (woop) and now im officially graduated, which is a really weird feeling by the way. i also got to spend a day with my old friends from slc who i havent really hung out with since i moved when i was 10. it was super rad to see them, and now we arent such long lost friends anymore :).

mm what else...i moved back to ca to say peace out to my bro who just left on a mission to Sao Paulo Brasil...he was super stoked to leave, and we were just as stoked to see him leave haha. my sad vanagon is going to be sold if my dad sticks to his guns, which means alex will now be carless. that sucks bad. in the mean time i am taxi driver to any and all of my brother's friends. so far im still just on the waiting list for byu law and im getting thoroughly annoyed. but im still planning on moving back to utah in hopes that i get in. oh yeah and since i just got engaged (hehe bet that surprised some of you) im also moving back so that i can marry the love of my life, who just so happens to be going to byu as well.

any requests for more updates? then comment. i have no job and am busying myself with rereading the entire harry potter series, so i bet ill be on here much more often in the next few weeks :)