Wednesday, April 6, 2011

mad marchness

where did the time go?!  i just barely went to DC like last week, right? how the crap has it been like 2 months?!  this semester has flown by and probably due to a couple things...

at the beginning of march, brian and i went to san francisco for interviews for the summer.  i only had one and he had none set up when we left so we were kind of gambling.  we stayed with grandma hulme and spent the first few days running around getting interviews done and driving all over tarnation. then we spent saturday playing...i even got to see a childhood friend Eileener!

it was great because i got my internship-yay!  ill be at the Alameda County District Attorneys office in downtown Oakland.  but it was super stressful because brian had no interviews schedule and we had no idea what we were going to do if we didnt get internships.  we are still waiting to hear back for brian but pray for us!  because i got mine, we are for sure going to sf for the summer!  yay!

at the END of march, i went to vegas for danielles bachellorette party!  it was just what i needed-some time away from school with my best friends.  i hadnt seen either of them since my wedding two years ago-i cannot believe it has been that long!  whenever we see eachother its like not time has passed since 6th grade when we spent all day together.  some other girls were there too-julia, crystal, and kendall-who were AWESOME.  its easy to see why danielle is good friends with them.

anyways, as the only mormon, i spent the weekend being the only sober one as well, which is not something i would do with just anyone, so the fact that i did it shows how much i love these girls.  and it was fun-the room was awesome, we ate some great food, and we spent a ton of time dressed up [weird] and giggling like always.

oh and somewhere between the two trips, i ran for trial advocacy president.  i was coerced into doing it by eli and jeff-they took advantage of me in a strange city at 3 am in a hotel room [read that: i must have been delirious during this conversation and im going to blame this on them].  how could i say no? so i mounted a campaign of cupcakes.  funfetti cupcakes to be exact, frosted with lime green buttercream frosting at my carrel, and topped with hot pink sprinkles.  screaming alex.  so i cupcaked the place up and won my election.  so now i get to be in charge!  oh how scary that is to me.  im super afraid im gonna mess up and be a flaky president like the last couple have been.

and today was the last day of classes for me.  so not including my 3 finals, im done with my 2L year.  my first day of orientation was like, last week!   how could i be a 3L in a few weeks?!  gah.  i dont understand how im going to make it in the real world-i dont have any sweet skills!  ultra freaked out.  in the mean time, im gonna miss my 3L friends who graduate in 2 weeks... :(

some pics for your enjoyment!
Gold Gate bridge

 monterey aquarium-me touching starfish, brian touching bat ray, 
me happy with otters, me happy with my squishies.

me and eileener at the sharks game

best friends-lisa just cant control herself

 out to dinner at margaritaville-we had a GREAT view off the deck

 danielle got a little drunk the first night.  and then she got lots of presents.

outside of bellagio fountain.  our sexy shoes the second night. mine are the blue ones :)

 the morning after.  danielle cant keep her eyes open. lisa looks like an avatar.