Thursday, February 28, 2008

ah success.....

today i finished my law school applications. all 11 of them. thanks to my mom and dad who financed the $650 ordeal, plus a law school forum in LA, i have alot better chance of gettin in than i did last week haha. not gonna lie, im nervous. having been sick for the last few days while i tried to finish all the junk ive been putting off for the last two months was hard but it feels so good to have them done! yay! and then right after i submitted them i went and got my grad package-april is comin so fast. so today was a good day, despite the sickies. and to top it all off, my little brother told me he hopes to be as smart as me one day. little does he know, his sister just works really hard....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

i need your votes...

ah my law school stuff is almost totally done. yay. good, cuz im getting sick of it. but im kinda scared now too. one day i just decided that if i didnt get into law school that i was going to join the peace corps. well, supposedly my chances of getting into law school are really good, but i wanted to have an alternative so that i didnt feel like a loser when all my childhood dreams came crashing down. but now that ive said it, thrown the peace corps possibility out there, its become if i dont get into law school, or not the ones that i want. uh oh. a small evolution in speech maybe, but it signifies a huge shift. i really wanna join the peace corps. i always have. since like, i was 10 and sat next to this girl who was coming back from africa with her sister and who had a boyfriend at princeton (that made it legit). so. here is the question. do i just go to law school and forget about peace corp? or do i go someplace crazy for two years after requesting a deference? or what should i do? give me your votes: law school or peace corp first?

Monday, February 11, 2008

you have the right to remain silent

as a political science major, and as an aspiring law student, a certain amount of argument for the purpose of persuasion is pertinent. i enjoy a good romp around the issue, especially if you know what you are talkin about. but i hate. HATE. when people decided to attack you and the issue at hand. there is nothing wrong with being completely informed about your issue. but when you go on a rampage, expecting me to rebut every detail that you put forth, only to take my opinion as credible once all the evidence has been proven wrong, i dont particularly take interest anymore. because no matter how much you say its not an attack, thats exactly what it is.

ok now ill stop being vague and tell you the story. my friend made a comment on facebook about questioning a certain president's legacy. i made a comment back and a friendly jousting of opinions ensued briefly. then one of his friends, who happened to see our commentary, decided i needed some educating and messaged me a long, verbose, and quite negative argument against my position. i messaged him back, whereupon he requested that i answer all of his questions as a pretext to other questions he wanted to ask me. yes, im a smartalec so i refused and quipped back, to which he was not appreciative, but then again, i wasnt so keen about been verbally berated for revering a president that i was studying by some random douche bag (excuse my french) that was too wrapped up in his own opinionated superiority to afford a differing view some courtesy.

ok my rant is done now.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

my adorable brothers....

so today i was up on the mountain, and though i was in a clinic and thinking alot about the technical crap i was doing and trying to make sure i didnt fall cuz i did it wrong, i had some time to think about other stuff. the last few days/weeks have been kinda weird. in some ways they have been the most fun weeks in utah of this whole last year. but at the same time, they have been some of the most lonely.

yesterday i was talking to my mom about apartment drama and other junk when i just started bawling. i couldnt help it and it was certainly not planned. i just missed my best friend. "i want my lisa!" is the exactly phase i wailed to my mom. i have some friends that are just glued to each other, haha its kinda funny. like 24/7. but i reminds me of how me and lisa were in high school...and long story short, i've felt like the recyclable friend here in utah, being really close to someone for a little while and it just dropping off after a few months never to be heard from ever again.

needless to say, i told this all to my mom, and i guess she related it all to my dad later last night. well, my cute little brother, who is the sweetest 13 year old you will ever meet, must have overheard my mom talking because last night he prayed that i would find a friend. my little brother is my angel. besides being the biggest inspiration to me, he always knows exactly what to say to make me feel like the best sister and friend in the world. even though he is a good 7 years younger than me, i've worked hard to make sure i'm not some vague older entity in his life, and sometimes it seems that he can see into my soul better than anyone else.

now, this doesn't exclude my other brother, my best friend and my twin. though he is a year younger than me, there is noone that is so much like me in this world. last weekend he come up to utah to snowboard and i had a blast with him. i didnt get to see him alot but it was so good to see the stronger side of me. he has gone through so much in the last little bit and he has come out of it better than i ever would have. i love him so much and when he leaves on his mish, i'm gonna miss him enough to rival our mother.

that being said, i am the luckiest girl ever. i have the strongest brothers ever, and they are so fun, so much like me, and so special to me. i wouldnt be the nerdy, crazy, unlady like girl i am without them. thanks bros. i love you two more than you will EVER know.

Friday, February 1, 2008

politics as usual

so i figured it was high time for me to say something about the current political events, debates, etc. considering it is something i learn about, think about, and argue about every single day of my life. no seriously, i do.

because i am a political science major, it seems that everyone wants to know what candidate i'm pulling for, what i thought of the latest debate, and why i'm not a Romney supporter. honestly people, you prolly know more about the candidates than i do. well...maybe thats a lie. but i didn't watch the democratic debate last night because i dyed my hair instead (the blonde has become an awesome red ps). maybe that is ignorant and uninformed of me, but hey, there have been 50 debates already in which virtually everyone said the same things, only nicer the second time around (clinton and obama case in point). i've kinda tried to keep away from the blasted things, though that doesn't mean i haven't tried to figure out which candidate i like the most and which just looks ridiculous running for president.

ok, so now to what i really think. after doing some research, it turns out i'm back where i started. i like obama. i've always kinda liked obama, though he scared me a few times with some things he said about foreign policy. hillary doesn't scare me as much as she scares my dad. but maybe that's because i'm a little bit feminist? not rabid, mind you, so don't go torching my house yet. honestly, the one thing i don't like about hillary is that i cant seem to figure out where she is foreign policy wise except for 'get out of Iraq.' ok i can go with that. but what about Iran or North Korea or Israel? ok i really only care about Iran and Israel and when i say Israel i mean Palestine. but then again obama seems pretty keen to keep feeding Israel lots of ammunition, which i'm not so kosher with. but thats my internal debate over the democrat candidates.

now, i go to a mostly conservative school, and most of my poli sci classes discuss the republican candidates, so don't you go thinking i'm ignorant. Romney is a great manager. look at his company track records. but for president? i dunno. A) he is conservative on issues that i'm liberal on and 2) i don't like his multiple choice mitt tendencies. Huckabee...HA. what a nut job. i'm all for personal religion, but don't say God made me do it, or i'll just laugh at you when God says you don't get to be President. and ron paul. what is this new fangled revolution over ron paul about? i mean, he is all for the constitution, great, but in its most literal sense?! i think not. putting a libertarian (yes, the republican is just so that he is a major party candidate) in office is like voting for anarchy. bye bye sanity. i'm fairly certain this dismissal of all the republican candidates would make my grandpa roll over in his grave, but he isn't dead yet, and thankfully doesn't know how to access the internet yet, so i bet he is still breathing.

so. thats my take. thus far at least. im perfectly content to wait to see who the nominees are and then choose from there. i mean, it would be awfully disappointing to pick your winner so to speak and then in the end have to vote for someone you don't even like.

not gonna lie, im kinda holding out for the golden ticket...the Clinton/Obama ticket that is.....