Saturday, September 6, 2008

excessive celebration

ok, i cant help it, i gotta vent. BYU won the game against UW legitimately. i dont care that the huskies dont like the call...thats not what won the game...THE BLOCKED PUNT DID!! though i may seem biased as a BYU fan, i admit that when byu is not playing the huskies i always cheer for UW. but i think the refs were right about this call. NCAA's director, interviewed on sportscenter, agreed that the call was correct and that the refs had followed the guidelines set forth regarding showboating and celebrating after a scoring run. if you think locker didnt throw the ball high, how high should he have thrown it in order for it to have been considered high?! they called the same call on byu a few seconds later so why all the whining? is byu, a ranked team, just a team that is overranked because they belong to an "easy" conference? doubtful-afterall, who else has the longest running winning streak in the nation beside byu? oh yeah, noone else is even close. uw on the other hand is 0-2 this season and 2-11 in their last 13 games. though i may not have liked the call if i was a husky, i certainly wont argue when the NCAA director agree with the refs.

the fact that byu is all over espn just because of this is driving me nuts too...apparently byu isnt "legit" enough to be on sportscenter unless its because we "robbed" a pac ten team and therefore a team that didnt "deserve" to lose to a mountain west team...bull shiz.