Tuesday, August 24, 2010

so long sweet summer...

does that picture not just scream summer? if you say no, you are nuts. this is crystal cove beach at sunset. so my summer is over, but man, it was prolly the best summer ive had in a long time.

as you know if you happen to read my sporadic and spastic posts, i LOVED my externship. fun people and my ideal job. i cant believe i just said that. i actually know what i am going to do with my life, weird. the best part? going to lunch with the attorneys just for fun! its strange, realizing i have friends that are professionals...am i really not a teenager anymore??

my externship ended just in time for my brother Christian to come home from his mission! ugh, it was sooo good to see him and chill with him again. he has a weird accent (still, 2 months later) but he still giggles like my brother.

at the end of july, my whole fam went to our condo in newport beach...aaaahhhhh, i love california. and the beach. and pretty sunsets. and sun. and, and, and...and it was exactly what i needed. it was so much fun! we took surf lessons and hung out at the beach and pool and just enjoyed each others company. the only bummer was that brian had to leave early for work-it was the first time we had been apart since we got married! i missed him so much, and when i came home, he had a dozen roses waiting for me! what a sweetheart-i guess he did miss me after all :)

august was spent catchin up with friends and hanging out in the yard while brian got his portfolio ready. he was in the visual arts BA but wanted to get into the BFA for graphic design and had to work on some stuff. after weeks of sitting on the couch wondering if my talented husband would ever emerge for the cave he was living in, his portfolio was submitted, reviewed and....ACCEPTED! there are only about 18 people in his program so he is super stoked to start school again. of course this means he will go from full time to part time at his job, and a sudden drop in our income, but so be it. one day he will bring home the real bacon. and the steaks. and the ribs. and more steak. mmmm....

besides all the big stuff, we did alot of other fun stuff too. we went camping, to a bees game, to raging waters, to the salt lake, timpanogos, and redlands temples, to a baptism, and just chilled. the way summer was meant to be i think.

now im back in school. and while i was sitting on the couch catchin up on the 7 or 8 shows that i watch habitually [yeah, yeah, i know im a lazy butt], i kept thinking about how i should update the blog but just didnt want to. and now that im busier than ever, i finally do it. i guess i really like my life to be crazy.

just a few pictures....for more, check out my facebook
brian and i on the condo balcony in front of the view of laguna beach
surf lessons...i got up!!
riding the quads up af canyon while camping
me and christian. we havent changed much.