Thursday, February 17, 2011

taking the capital by storm

last week i went to washington dc.  it was supposed to be for a trial ad competition, but we all know it was an all expense paid vacation. i went with some of the coolest kids in the school, and im fairly certain we never stopped laughing.  highlights:

theme of the trip: bacon
told the entire plane to DC things about me that no one should know.  i thought i was keeping my voice down.
passed around a box of chocolates.  flavors-disgusting. flavor finder-incomprehensible.
rented a minivan that felt like an aquarium inside.
2 law students locked 4 more law students in a mini van.  could not escape.
had a panic attack when the window rolled down but couldnt figure out how to roll it back up
figured out the back seat of a mini van is called the "way back"
listened to jeff snore
im apparently a high maintanence eater.  who knew?
watched jeff cut his velociraptor toenails.  youre welcome, roxy.
discovered that jordan is the most responsible of all of us
feared that joseph's wife would have her baby.  well, we feared. he didnt.
got less than 4 hours of sleep every night
listened to eli tell crazy stories, of which he has a plethora
met up with my cousin and aunt.  made said cousin sit through 2 rounds of boring trial ad
bickered with some catholics
went to a great restaurant.  great restaurant downgraded to ok restaurant when the 50$/plate bill came...
aunt paid for my dinner :)
changed our eating schedule to 9 am, 2 pm, and 11 pm 
did a picture scavenger hunt
broke my camera while taking a pic for some asian tourists
had an allergic reaction.  to hot chocolate or jefferson's memorial.  which, i dont know.
ate seafood, halal kabobs, schawarma, brazilian churrasco, cheesecake, among other stuff.
wiggled squid tentacles in josephs face
went through a body scanner
caused a security crisis with manderin oranges
got some free girl-on-girl action with a TSA pat down
gave the rest of my friends some free girl-on-girl entertainment courtesy of the TSA pat down
tested positive for explosives
got another massage courtesy of TSA
envied jordans 1st class upgrades
after telling the old lady taking our tickets that eli didnt want to sit with us, she replied "well eli dont have a choice." 
taking a nap on the plane to discover noone was in the same seats upon waking up.
standing groggily on the curb, avoiding looking at each other, waiting for rides 

oh yeah, there WAS a competition that we participated in.  Eli, Jeff, and I went to quarterfinals and Mary Beth, Joseph, and Jordan went to semifinals. go us.

here are some pics from the adventure:

the official trial ad traveling teams pic

the official we-are-sight-seeing-on-the-schools-dime pic