Monday, September 27, 2010

law school is...FUN?!

whoa, i never thought i would see that comin.
last year was a nightmare in many ways, thought it wasnt like hte -night-terror-that-makes-you-want-to-keep-your-eyes-open-forever kind. but it was one i never wanted to go through again.

luckily, you can only be a 1L once. yay!

but now im a 2L, and this is the year that is notorious for making people think they are super human and can do anything. i think i got the sickness.

i am on two competitive teams-moot court and trial ad-the board of a club called Jail Outreach, and the women's law school flag football team. no biggie right? uh wrong. the competitive teams overlap, meaning that one goes from sept through nov while the other one is the whole month of october. how super exciting. so dont get worries if i drop off the face of the earth. lucky for me, brian is busy too, so i dont feel too badly about neglecting my time at home.

but man, i am WORN OUT. im so glad i dont have class next week-YAY!

it doesnt help that brian likes to set three alarms and still somehow depends on me to wake him up for work, esp on days when i was supposed to sleep in...