Wednesday, May 12, 2010

you sir, are in contempt

ok so i know its been a little while, but dude. guys, i needed a break from everything for a little bit. you ever have one of those days when its just crazy and super stressful and you would love to unload by venting to someone but when you have that chance to dump it off, the last thing you want to do it talk about it? thats how i felt last month. a fair amount of law school scandal and the overwhelming pressure of finals left me feeling like i wanted to crawl under a blanket and hide for a week. or in the event of nice weather, lay out and soak up some rays. i did both.

but since that disastrous end of a semester, i have started my summer externship! i am working with the Salt Lake County District Attorneys office and i LOVE it. ive always been a little weirded out by the fact that the gruesome details dont weird me out. if that makes any sense. i feel like the morbid part of me takes over and i cant help but wonder how people get themselves into such messes. but ive learned that every criminal attorney has this morbid fascination. im glad to know im in good company.

anyways, im pretty sure ive found my calling in life. currently in with the special victims unit and i know alot of people couldnt handle it, but i really love it. its painful to watch abusive people hurt the innocent and there is something satisfying and fulfilling about making sure that they dont get away with treating people like that. i know everyone feels passionate about their professions, and im glad i can say the same. i really feel like i can make a difference in this world, even if its a losing battle, and even if its only for a few victims.

anyways, beyond the rambling. i have a new found hatred for fancy schmancy shoes. after two days in pumps, i went and bought 9 buck flats. my dad says that if i had practiced being a girl earlier in life, i would have nearly as many blisters. but little does he know, highheels dont go with sweatpants and hoodies.