Wednesday, October 30, 2013

armpits from heaven

if you know me in real life, or you have read my blog enough, you know there is no risk of me oversharing.

its a guarantee.  

lets be real. we all struggle with the same things, so why color it rose-tinted when we can all feel a little less alone if we are all just honest about it?

so today we can all feel a little less alone in having dark armpits.

if you know what im talking about, yay you arent alone! if not, thank me for not taking a picture of my own pits for your viewing pleasure.

a few months ago, during lovely swimsuit season, i realized my armpits were quite unsightly.  with my olive skin, i scar darkly, and i wasnt sure if this was just how my skin was pigmented or if it was a scarring of some sort or what.  

so i decided i was going to try to find a way to lighten them up.  off to trusty pinterest we go!  but everything i found included making weird concoctions of lemon juice and baking soda, and not shaving or deodorizing. and it was freaking hot. and i was holy pregnant. and there was no way i was going to smell funky with the mass amounts of sweat hot pregnant ladies are bound to create.

and then i had a baby.  and i lost interest in my armpits. go figure.


somehow i stumbled onto a magical armpit-lightening agent right in my shower.  and i didnt smell weird or have to use less deodorant or anything.

cetaphil is the antidote to dark pits.  i just have the cleanser and in the shower i was noticing that when i used it on my pits, it was reacting to something and changing consistency.  i figured it was my deodorant and thought nothing of it.  

until last week.  and my armpits are no longer dark and scary looking.  yay!

now go, and use this fabulous and gentle stuff and banish those dark armpits.  its perfect time too, cuz you got like 8 months til the next swimsuit season.

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