Friday, January 24, 2014

who i am.

i am an attorney. a wife. a sister, a daughter, a friend.  a woman with great accomplishments and great potential.

i am also a mother.  i dont really feel like a mother; i dont know what its supposed to feel like, but i guess i always assumed id feel old, absorbed, boring.  not that my friends who are moms are, but thats just what i was afraid of becoming.

but then, out of the blue, im suddenly struck by her.  her cuteness, her sweetness, her adorable smile, and unending wiggles.  

and im shocked by my momness.  i love her unconditionally, intensely, adoringly.  so much so that i worry ill never love another kid like i love her.  

and then im all watery-eyed and sentimental and pathetic. and i look at brian and he knows.  he knows and he laughs at me.  and then we look at our baby girl, and i know he is feeling the exact. same. way. 


Lisa said...

Don't worry, I at least think that you are old and boring already, even if you don't ;)

Dude though, that kid has got some good ugly face going, just like her mom and auntie! Did you teach her the one where she made one eye all big and the other squinty? Or does she just have a natural affinity for ugly face? I'm so proud!

Taylor and Emily Brown said...

I worry about loving other kids too! Can my heart possibly expand MORE!? I'm sure it can 😉 but how!?